189 West Coast Drive,
Sorrento WA 6020


Directors Name Email
President Ron Morris President@sorrentoslsc.org.au
Financial Director Jill Purcell FinanceDirector@sorrentoslsc.org.au
Club Services Director Peter Watkins ClubServiceDirector@sorrentoslsc.org.au
Junior Director Keiron Burke JuniorDirector@sorrentoslsc.org.au
Lifesaving Director Laurie Mott LifeSavingDirector@sorrentoslsc.org.au
Competition Director Adrian Kirkpatrick CompetitionDirector@sorrentoslsc.org.au
Club Development Director Chris Crowley ClubDevelopmentDirector@sorrentoslsc.org.au
Business & Marketing Director Michael Saunders Business-MarketingDirector@sorrentoslsc.org.au


Business and Marketing Name Email
Administration Manager

Projects/Grants Officer

Jess Bunford

Michael Saunders



Bookkeeper Peta Watkins accounts@sorrentoslsc.org.au
Catering Supervisor (Bar and Functions) Holly Beggs barmanager@sorrentoslsc.org.au
Uniform Shop Kaci Mazzini uniformshop@sorrentoslsc.org.au


Lifesaving Name Email
IRB Officer Aran Buckley admin@sorrentoslsc.org.au
Patrol Officer Leif Hinrichsen admin@sorrentoslsc.org.au
First Aid Officer Stephen Thomas admin@sorrentoslsc.org.au
Education Officer Stephen Thomas admin@sorrentoslsc.org.au
Gear and Equipment Officer Craig Gamble admin@sorrentoslsc.org.au


Captains Name Email
Beach Captain John Hackett admin@sorrentoslsc.org.au
Ski Captain Peta WAtkins admin@sorrentoslsc.org.au
R&R Captain Mick Saunders admin@sorrentoslsc.org.au
IRB Captain Aran Buckley admin@sorrentoslsc.org.au
Swim Captain

Board Captain

Drew Corrigan

Matt Rowe



Boat Captain Murray Geneff admin@sorrentoslsc.org.au


Coaches Name Email
Beach Coach Jenny Plint admin@sorrentoslsc.org.au
Ski Coach Les Goodliffe admin@sorrentoslsc.org.au
R&R Coach Darrell O’Donnell admin@sorrentoslsc.org.au
IRB Coach Evan Bunford admin@sorrentoslsc.org.au
Swim Coach

Board Coach

Andrew Ridley

Callan Preiato



Boat Coach Peter Watkins admin@sorrentoslsc.org.au


Competition Name Email
Gym Coordinator Peta Watkins admin@sorrentoslsc.org.au
Officials Coordinator Graham Snook admin@sorrentoslsc.org.au