Woodside Nippers

Sorrento Surf Club is a family based club that values the junior members as the future of the club.

The junior program is based upon the development of youth within the club as future active patrolling members and training for those wanting to participate in the competition. The strength in maintaining the junior program is through the active participation of parents who contribute in activities ranging from water safety to competition officials.


Important Documents for Nippers

Junior Handbook

What to Expect as a Nipper Parent

Price List for 2023/24 Season

Payment Plans 2023

Membership Form

How to sign up for the new season (2023/24)

Information about our Nipper Program at Sorrento SLSC WA

For all information regarding Nippers please see our Junior Handbook

The aims of the Sorrento SLSC Junior Program are to:

1. Develop surf awareness
2. Increase confidence and skills in beach-related activities
3. Offer training to those wanting to pursue competition or awards
4. Instil and reinforce Sun Smart philosophies
5. Encourage enjoyable and healthy participation
6. Progress the members towards surf awards for relevant age groups
7. Promote a positive non-threatening environment

Age Requirements
Age groups are determined by SLSWA for all clubs with the cut-off for age groups being on the 30 September which determines the age group for the entire season. While a child may have a birthday
during the season, they remain in their relevant age group. A copy of birth certificates must be provided within 2 weeks of registration.


As a prerequisite for participating in junior activities, children are required to prove their proficiency as per SLSWA requirements. Juniors are required to meet the appropriate proficiency level within 2 weeks
of commencement with club activities. Sorrento SLSC can provide training for those needing to meet their required proficiency level.

General Information

What to bring
Juniors should bring the following items to all club activities. We endorse the Sun Smart
recommendations and therefore juniors without adequate sun protection may not be permitted to
participate in club activities.

  • Rash vest (colour to be defined by the club and/or SLSWA)
  • Age group cap
  •  Broad brimmed hat or peaked cap
  • Long sleeved shirt
  • Sun screen
  • Bathers – racing (no boardies)
  • Water bottle
  • Towel
  • Warm clothing (dependant on weather)
  • Swimming goggles

REMEMBER - Club Policy - No Parent/Guardian (unless nominated carer advised to Age Manager), No Sunscreen, No Drink, No Cap, No rash vest – NO PARTICIPATION.
Jewellery and Valuables

Due to safety and potential losses rings, watches, necklaces, bracelets (except Medic Alert bracelets) are not permitted during activities. The nature of club activities may result in belongings being left
unattended. Any valuables including jewellery, wallets and mobile phones should be left at home or given to parents before the activities commence. Age managers and officials cannot take responsibility
for lost valuables.

Uniform Shop
Bathers, t-shirts, hats, rash vests and caps are available from the club shop. Opening times will be advertised on the club website. Please support and promote the Club by purchasing your equipment at
the Uniform Shop.

Club Showers and Nippers
All nippers using the clubs indoor showers and change room must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times, no exceptions (including week days during and after training). For families
where same gender parent/nippers do not exist and an alternative adult supervisor cannot be obtained, families may use the handicap/family shower/change room.

Parking at the Club House
Sunday mornings are very busy at Sorrento Surf Club. Parking inspectors visit often and parking is at a premium. Over 60% of our junior members live within a 5km radius of the surf club and we encourage
all families to walk or cycle to Sunday morning Nippers rather than drive. This is another great “Be Active” activity that the whole family can share in.

Junior Activities

Junior activities are scheduled for Sunday Mornings from 8.45am during the season. Sessions will finish at approximately 11am although this may change depending on weather and/or prevailing
conditions. Age managers will have pre-arranged meeting areas for roll call and club activities. The activities the children are encouraged to participate in include:

  • Swimming / Wading races
  • Board paddling / Board Rescue
  • Sprints and Beach Flags

Surf awareness and lifesaving skills

As surf lifesaving is a water based activity, all juniors are expected to participate and develop skills in
water events at every opportunity.

Club Swim
Integrated into the Junior Sessions is the club swim, which is a social swim which all parents and competing juniors are encouraged to participate in. Please speak to your Age Manager for further

The Sorrento SLSC supports juniors wanting to participate at competition level. We encourage juniors to participate in events as part of social and physical development.
Club Championships

Junior Club Championships will be undertaken for all competing age groups, competitors can only compete in their own age groups as specified by SLSWA, with results being recorded for age groups.
There are three club championships, to be held during the season the dates of these are published in the season junior’s calendar.

Parent Responsibilities

All Nippers must arrive on time and report to their Age Manager for roll call. Nippers must not leave
their group without being marked off the roll by the age manager. The session starts at 8.45am and
finishes at approximately 11.00am. It is compulsory that Nippers are accompanied have a responsible
individual at the club at all times. Parents are needed to help with:

  • Equipment – setting up, pulling down, washing and storing.
  • Age group supervision.
  • Water safety.
  • BBQ help – a roster system operate.
  • Carnivals

Please volunteer your help – don’t wait to be asked! Nipper sessions cannot operate without

Notices will be displayed on the notice board in the BBQ area. It is your responsibility to check this each week. Newsletters will be published on a regular basis. Newsletters will also be placed on the surf club
web site or TeamApp each week ( Please ensure that you review this so that you know what is happening.

Water Safety
The safety of juniors is the highest priority for the club. While Sorrento is typically a relatively safe beach, weather and surf conditions can change. One of the skills in learning surf lifesaving will be to
become familiar and confident in hazardous and challenging conditions. We will require an appropriate number of parents to be involved with water safety and age managers will need to ensure this is in place in order for water activities to proceed. Club guidelines mandate that there be one (1) water safety person for every five (5) nippers in the water or one (1) on one (1) for Under 6 and Under 7.
Water activities will not take place without adequate water safety personnel.

Parent Training
While parents can assist in club activities and water activities without formal SLSWA qualifications we encourage parents to consider achieving some formal training. The Surf Rescue Certificate is a recognised course which covers fundamental surf lifesaving and resuscitation. Parents can also progress toward further qualifications including Bronze Medallion, IRB Driver, First Aid and Advanced Resuscitation. Qualifications of Bronze Medallion and above will allow members full use of club facilities including use of gym equipment, ski and boards and entitlement to compete at Masters Competitions. Bronze Medallion holders will be required to participate in patrols. Parents wanting to pursue training should register with the Club office.


Sorrento SLSC has an arrangement for a photographer to be present at many of the Junior and other club activities.  Some photographs are used to promote club activities and are posted on the club website and social media accounts maintained by the club and for some age groups. Many parents love to share photos of their nippers with family. The photographs are also available for purchase from the photographer’s website and any enquiries about this can be directed to the photographer.