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Sorrento WA 6020


Sorrento Surf Club is a family based club that values the junior members as the future of the club.

The junior programme is based upon the development of youth within the club as future active patrolling members and training for those wanting to participate in competition. The strength in maintaining the junior programme is through the active participation of parents who contribute in activities ranging from water safety through to competition officials.

The surf club has two categories for Juniors (or 'Nippers' as they are commonly referred to). These being 'Juniors' aged between 5-13 years and a Youth programme (Cadets) for those aged between 14 - 17 years.

Juniors and Youth are divided into age groups for both competitions and receiving SLSA accreditation.


For all information regarding the Junior Program please see the Junior Handbook below

Junior Handbook 2017/18

Membership Fees 2017/18

Age Groups 2017/18

Membership Form


Junior Calendar 2017/18


October 2017

15/10/2017 – Under 9 – Under 13’s First Day

29/10/2017 – Under 6 – Under 8’s First Day


November 2017

17/11/2017 – Junior Disco

26/11/2017 – Junior Club Champs


December 2017

17/12/2017 – Junior Club Champs and Junior Christmas Party


January 2018

7/1/2018 – Juniors Return


February 2018

4/2/2018 – Junior Club Champs – Under 8’s – Under 9

11/12/2018 – Junior Club Champs – Under 10’s – Under 13


March 2018

23/3/2018 – Junior Windup

25/3/2018 – Last day of Juniors 



Training sessions are provided by the club to compliment the Sunday morning activities. Training runs during the Junior Season. Please note the coaches are volunteers and volunteer their time and effort to coach our kids!

These sessions are for all full fee paying Sorrento U8 to U13 members. Parents are required to stay for all sessions unless advised otherwise by the coaches.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday            Saturday Sunday
7:30am Irons
6:30 – 7:30pm Swim 4pm-5pm – Sprints & Flags

5pm - Boards

6:30 – 7:30pm Swim 3:30- 4:15pm Swim




NOTE: Swim training is run through H2O Fitness Academy (
http://www.h2ofitnessacademy.com.au/ ) and paid for in blocks of 10 weeks. You must register to train DO NOT JUST SHOW UP. Children MUST be in Swimming Level 8 to participate. Sorrento SLSC members get a discounted rate with H20 Fitnesss Academy.

** Possibility of additional 5:30am flat water board session on a week day if there is enough interest**


  • Board – Bill Hughes
  • Swim – Drew Corrigan, Ellie Smith, Matt Rowe
  • Beach – Claire Rafferty
  • Irons – Andrew Ridley and Ellie Smith


  • Swim – Craigie Leisure Centre – Please refer to H2O Fitness Academy Website
  • Beach – Meet on grass outside the beach side of the club rooms
  • Boards – Sorrento Beach –If your child does not have their own board they need to borrow a club board. Please ask which boards these are and wash and put back after each use.
  • Irons – Sorrento Beach

Parent Information

What to Bring

Juniors should bring the following items to all club activities;

  • Sorrento lime green Rash Vest
  • Hat
  • Appropriate age group coloured cap
  • Long sleeved shirt
  • Sunscreen
  • Bathers (racing style, no boardies)
  • Water bottle
  • Towel
  • Warm clothing to change into afterwards (dependant on weather).

Sorrento SLSC fully endorses the Sun Smart recommendations and guidelines for Juniors. Therefore any Junior members with inadequate sun protection will not be permitted to participate in any club activities.


The nature of surf club activities means that personal belongings and valuables are left unattended for extended periods of time on the beach.

For safety reasons Sorrento SLSC requests that members do not bring any valuables/jewellery (with the exception of Medic Alert bracelets) to club activities. This will also reduce the risk of theft and loss at the Club.

Please be aware that Age Managers and Club Officials will not take any responsibility for lost valuables nor will they will be able to hold or looks after any valuables during Club activities.

Clothing/Uniform Shop

Bathers, pink rash vests, tshirts, hats, rashies and caps are available for purchase from the club clothing shop. The Clothing Shop is open during the season on Sundays from 8am-9am and Wednesday nights between 6.30 pm and 7.30 pm (please note this many change during the off-season).

Please support and promote the Club by purchasing your requirements at the Uniform Shop. Please note these times may change, the weekly newsletter will give you updates. If you want to help in the uniform shop, do not hesitate to ask we are always looking for volunteers.

Parental Involvement

Sorrento Surf Club is a volunteer organisation and very reliant on the efforts and support from parents and club officials. Parents are required to participate in junior activities during the season and activities can range from water safety, competition officials through to social or helping out with the weekend BBQ.

Water Safety

The safety of juniors is the highest priority for the club. While Sorrento is typically a relatively safe beach, the surf conditions and weather can change suddenly.

One of the skills learnt in surf lifesaving is to become familiar and confident in hazardous surf conditions. This may require juniors to deal with confronting a fear in rather provoking and challenging conditions. This will require appropriate number of parents to be involved with water safety. Age managers will need to insist on the appropriate level of parents in the water in order for activities to proceed.

Parent Training

While parents can assist in club activities and water safety without and formal SLSA qualifications we encourage parents to consider achieving some formal training.

The Surf Rescue Certificate is a recognised course which covers fundamental surf lifesaving and resuscitation. Parents can also progress further qualifications including Bronze Medallion, IRB Driver, First Aid and Advanced Resuscitation. Qualifications of Bronze Medallion and above will allow members full use of club facilities including use of gym equipment, ski and boards and entitled to compete at masters competitions, however will be required to participate in patrols. Parents wanting to pursue training should register with their age managers or training officer.

Parents are also able to participate in our structured swim training programs for fitness. Look at our training pages for more information on how to get involved.

Competition Officials

To participate in SLSA Carnivals, each club is required to provide one competition official for every ten juniors competing. Club officials are critical to running of SLSA carnivals. Training courses are run by SLSWA with the club funding training for parents wanting to be involved with being an official.

Other ways to get involved

Occasional Helper

Surf Life Saving clubs are always looking for people to help out with occasional work like cooking BBQ’s, helping in the canteen, helping in the shop and various other events. There are no special skills required for these tasks and all help is greatly appreciated. Contact your club to see what is available and needed.

Age Manager

All age groups require an Age Manager to conduct the activities that are available for juniors during the season. It is highly recommended that those parents who take on the role of an Age Manager complete an Age Managers Course. The Age Managers course is available every year and is advertised on the SLSWA website.

There are no special skills required for this role prior to attending the Age Managers course.

Competition Official

Competition Officials work at our state surf sport carnivals and assist with the running of the event. This might involve marshalling competitors, starting races, recording results, setting the courses and more. To become an official, you are first required to complete a Competition Officials course. This course is conducted by SLSWA and are advertised on the website.

There are no special skills required for this role prior to completing the Competition Officials course.

Education Awards

SLSWA offers education awards that will enhance your ability to assist in first aid or resuscitation. Depending on the fee structure of your club, there is a possibility to learn about and earn the Resuscitation Certificate and Basic Emergency Care. There are no prerequisites for these awards.

You can also complete a Surf Rescue Certificate which will enable you to assist the club with water safety during junior activities and at carnivals. You’ll need to complete a 200-metre swim in five minutes or less prior to the start of the course.

There are many other education awards available to surf club members. Please contact your club to see what is available.

Club Committees

Clubs committees range from junior, youth, competition, education and many others. These roles assist in the running of the different areas of the club and provide updates and information for the executive committee, who oversee the management of the whole club.

There are no special skills required for these positions, but there may be a requirement to have some basic knowledge about the subject matter of the committee.

Club Executive Committee