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Sorrento WA 6020

Upcoming Courses

Sorrento Surf Club runs many courses each year.  Below is the calendar of courses for 2017.  These are all the non-commercial courses the club will run.  Commercial courses (such as Provide First Aid) are run separately.


1)      Choose your course.

2)      Check that you meet the course pre-requisites (if any) by checking the pre-requisite list on the Course Information Tab

3)      Email Stephen Thomas on education@sorrentoslsc.org.au to put your name on the list.  Please nominate the specific course you wish to do (eg the February Bronze, not just a bronze).

4)      Bronze and SRC courses require a course fee.  Pay for the course when nominating to secure your spot.

Note: There are no waiting lists or general expressions of interest anymore.  Your name will be registered for a specific course only.  1 month prior to the course starting we will check candidate numbers and confirm the course.  If numbers are insufficient we will advertise the course.  If they remain insufficient the course may be cancelled and you would then be offered an alternative date.  If that is not suitable and you have paid a fee you will get a full refund.

Start date Days Duration Trainers
April Bronze 6 weeks
SRC  26/4/2017  Wednesday/Saturday 5 weeks  Garry and Jess Bunford
May IRB Crew  4/5/2017  Thursday/Sunday 3 weeks Garry and Evan Bunford

Stephen Thomas

June IRB - Drivers 27/06/2017 Tues/Sat/Sun 8 - 10 weeks Evan Bunford
July Bronze - Youth 03/07/2017 Mon - Sat 1 week
August ARTC 1 day
Pain Management 1/2 day Stephen Thomas + Garry Bunford
September Bronze - Youth 6 weeks
SRC - Youth 5 weeks
ARTC 1 day
Pain Management 1/2 day Stephen Thomas+ Garry Bunford
October Bronze - Youth 03/10/2017 Tues - Sun 1 week
Bronze 10/10/2017 Sat / Tues 6 weeks Eamon + Simon
SRC - Youth 02/10/2017 Mon - Sat 1 week
SRC 5 weeks
November Bronze 6 weeks
IRB Crew 3 weeks Evan Bunford