Waterman's to the Wall 2021

The management of Sorrento SLSC and the organising committee of WTTW are very pleased to announce that all funds raised from this year's event will be donated to a Carly Ridley Benefit Fund. This includes all entry fees, all donations, all sales of merchandise and food relating to the event.
If you would like to donate to this cause, but not register for the swim, you can do so now on this link.
Please read below why we have made this decision.
"Carly's Story"
Carly was diagnosed with a rare form a cancer, Angiosarcoma, in February 2013.
In February it was the 8 year anniversary from Carly's diagnosis. Carly has always been really firm that Cancer is a word and not a sentence. She has never viewed it as a battle or a fight, instead a journey. 8 years ago they told Carly she would not survive 5 years - they were wrong. They didn't know the drive this amazing woman has to live, her spirit and love of life. Like most journeys this one has not been all smooth sailing.
Last October Carly was admitted to hospital for back pain - angiosarcoma had spread to her spine and fractured several vertebrae. Whilst in hospital her humorous shattered whilst sitting up in bed - a tumour had eaten away at the bone. Carly underwent a reverse shoulder replacement as well as pain management for her back.
Only last week in Mid-March one of Carly's vertebrae (L3) shattered and Carly was rushed back to hospital for spinal fusion with 10 rods inserted.
In December a doctor attempted to talk to Carly about time left. In true Carly spirit she politely kicked the doctor out of her hospital room - this has never been a topic of conversation - life is meant to be lived. Nearly four months later with the support of her family and friends, her medical team including both a traditional and naturopathic oncologist and from Silver Chain who provide home support, Carly is at home and kicking goals. We have had some amazing support from friends and the community to help make our home safe and accessible.
As you can tell Carly is still well and truly on her journey, but is living the journey on her own terms.
So what is Angiosarcoma: Angiosarcoma (http://www.cureasc.org/about-us/) is one of the most aggressive cancers and has a dismal prognosis with a 5 year overall survival rate of 30%. It is also extremely rare. As you may have worked out, Carly is past the 5 year average survival period - due mainly to her lifestyle choices, positive attitude and strength.
Carly and Andrew are forever grateful to everyone that has donated money previously to help Carly on her journey. So far, Carly's treatment has cost more than $90,000. She continues regular chemotherapy, as well as a range of complimentary therapies, physical therapy and mind-set techniques. She works with both her oncologist and naturopathic oncologist.
"She believed she could, so she did"
R.S. Grey