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Welcome to the Youth Age Group. This age group is quite broad and generally covers members between the ages of 14 and 18 years. This page has been developed to provide information to teenagers and their parents and provide an over view of youth activities.

Youth Mission

Sorrento’s youth development and activities will enrich the lives of young members through fun, involvement and the acquisition of personal, lifesaving and competition skills, in a safe aquatic environment.

Youth Objectives

We aim to

  • Provide the best possible lifesaving experience for all youth with the view to encouraging long term active participation.
  • Provide opportunities for youth to participate in and enjoy lifesaving and competition in an aquatic environment by offering a wide variety of activities suited to the skill and maturity levels of all youth
  • Ensure the youth are safe through the provision of surf safety and education programs
  • Develop team based philosophy encompassing leadership, camaraderie, teamwork and fun
  • Promote social, emotional and physical growth and development in a healthy and safe environment

Unlike the Nippers (U/6 to U/14’s) which is highly structured, you will be offered a variety of different things to do and the choice will be yours as to what you want to be involved in.

The youth group should not be seen as a separate group to the seniors, but the group transitioning into senior activities. Senior activities are great fun and a great way to meet new people with similar interest.

Youth Committee

Youth activities are managed by our Youth Committee chaired by the Club Development Officer. The committee is charged with achieving our aims and objectives. They want to hear from you on what you want, what we can provide and what we are not providing youth members

To ensure our youth are heard we want youth members to be active members of this committee.

Contact the Club Office if you need to engage with any one from the youth committee


We pass on information via our newsletter, facebook page, emails and Club announcements before senior events.

Please like me – Find us on Facebook for all the latest news! If you are friends with “Sorrento SLSC WA” you will be able to find the Group “Sorrento SLSC – Youth Development”. Here, you will find online competitions, Have a Go Day information, potential training buddies, upcoming events and anything else Youth related.

Please make the communication two way. Let’s hear your thoughts

Sunday Morning Activities

Sunday morning is the time when everyone in the Club gets together. Meet outside the boat shed at 8:45am.

The morning starts with Club announcements followed by the Club run and swim. The events are handicapped and conducted in age categories. These events are usually followed by ‘have a go’ activities.

Club activities are great fun and a great way to mix with all club members. Please encourage each other to participate and keep each other up to date with club news.

Youth Involvement Program (YIP)

To encourage, recognize and reward youth participation we run a Youth Involvement Program. It’s a voluntary program that requires the youth member to achieve three levels of participation - bronze, silver and gold. Along the way we recognize and reward your commitment and achievements.

See the below attachments and link for further information.


Youth members are required to gain their basic surf life saving award within 3 months of joining the Club. We will provide qualified instructors and pace the course to suit the individual.

Those under 15 will need to pass their Surf Rescue Certificate.

Those 15 and over need to pass their bronze medallion.

You need to complete the Award Application Form and lodge it at the Club Office. Refer to the Lifesaving web page for details. Please contact the youth committee if you are having any issues.

See Education & Development Pathway attachment


Once you have your award you are required to attend rostered patrols. Refer to the Lifesaving page. Patrolling Sorrento beach is what our Club exists for. They are our core value.

While you are on patrol your Patrol Captain is in charge and will give you tasks to do. Be active and get involved. If you have any questions ask your Patrol Captain.

Annual Proficiency

By the 31st of December each year all active members must requalify their awards. Watch the club web site, newsletter, face book page and or notice boards for details. The annual test is simple and covers the basic lifesaving skills.

Surf Sports

You can be involved as little or as much as you want. This ranges from Saturday fun days through to State and National level completion. It’s your choice how far you want to go.

The Club offers coaching in all Surf Life Saving disciplines ranging from beginner to elite.

Refer to the Surf Sports’ page for details and the attached Surf Sports Pathway.


Surf Life Saving is a great way to hang with your mates while volunteering to save lives. The Club will conduct youth orientated social activities and also encourages youth members to attend all Club social events.

Make sure your voice is heard. Tell us what types of social events you want.

Watch the newsletter or facebook page for more information.

Camp and Leadership Opportunities

SLSWA conducts an annual Rise Up Camp for 15 to 17 year olds. Its an exciting opportunity to participate in a wide range of physical and social activities that will enhance leadership skills and development.

The camp is normally conducted over 4 days in January. The camp will test participants mentally and physically while working in groups.

Remember you only get out what you put in – so get involved.

Youth Member Info

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