Welcome to the Youth Age Group.

Youth are members aged from 13 to 18 years of age. Youth fall under the following four age groups.

U14s (13 years of age as at 1st of October 2021)

U15s (14 years of age as at 1st of October 2021)

U17s (15 or 16 years of age as at 1st of October 2021)

U19s (17 or 18 years of age as at 1st of October 2021)


Last season Sorrento had 162 Active Youth Members

On any given weekend during our summer season our youth are spread across our beaches patrolling, competing, participating in our club swims and Sunday sessions; helping with Juniors as age manager assistants, trainers, assistant coaches, officials; training for competitions, training for fitness, volunteering on fundraising activities and just using the chance to catch up and hang out with their friends.

Youth are vital to the future of our club. Our culture is based on inclusivity across our youth age groups, respect, mateship, and participation at all levels. We seek to provide an environment that is safe and supports our youth, challenges them no matter what their skill, competency or fitness level is.

The main objectives of our Youth Program are:

  1. Lifesaving: Transition our nippers into patrolling lifesaver members, as well as retaining and developing Youth into more competent and capable lifesavers as they move from SRC to Bronze qualifications as well as other more advanced qualifications
  2. Surf Sports / Competition: The development of surf sports skills necessary for lifesaving and the lifeguard pathway; To encourage competition, build greater numbers competing, work towards more competition success and team spirit.
  3. Camaraderie: Provide the opportunity for the Youth to develop and continue friendships within the Sorrento Youth community in a safe environment and to continue involvement with the Club and the broader community.


Important Documents for the 2021/22 Youth Program

Youth Program Handbook

Welcome RedCaps 2022

Membership Form

How to join up for the 2022.23 season

Membership Fees

Payment Plans

Youth Programs

Sorrento supports two programs to recognize Youth participation and achievements. These are YIPs and YLP:


YIPs: Youth Incentive Program

YIP is a recognition and reward program for members in our U14 – U19 age groups.

The intention of YIPs is to retain the young members within the club and ultimately the surf lifesaving movement. YIP encourages a sense of club commitment and pride. It assists Sorrento SLSC with the process of succession planning by developing future leaders.

The program is designed to motivate, recognize and reward our youth while providing them with the opportunity to explore and become involved in a range of areas within surf lifesaving which they may not have already considered. It promotes leadership skills, personal development and social interaction with peers and the community.

Participants collect points for being involved in a range of lifesaving activities.

  • Lifesaving
  • Achieved Lifesaving Accreditation
  • Leadership and Education
  • Assisting with Junior & Youth Activities
  • Surf Sports Development (coaching & officiating)
  • Surf Sports Competition (events & carnivals)
  • Club Surf Sports Participation
  • Joining Club Teams
  • Club & Youth Support Activities

The more activities they engage in and the more hours they volunteer, the greater the points collected.

Participants choose the areas that interest them and their level of involvement. Three levels of achievement can be attained by collecting points. These include:

Bronze Level Attained - 200 points

Silver Level Attained - 300 points

Gold Level Attained - 500 points

Once each tier is met, at the end of the season you can choose to redeem your points for the reward achieved, or you can choose to rollover your points to the following season. See the Sorrento SLSC Youth Handbook pg.19 for our Youth honour roll from last season. Thirty six Youth opted to redeem their point for rewards that included club hoodies, backpacks and club jackets.

As a Youth member you are automatically eligible to take part in the YIP program.  For further details of the points system, and how to enter points accrued please email

YLP: Youth Leadership Program

As part of the Youth Program, members may wish to opt into SLSWA’s Youth Leaders Program (YLP). YLP gives youth members the opportunity to keep a record of the activities and courses they undertake in the areas of Lifesaving, Training, Leadership and Surf Sports.

There are three levels to the Youth Leaders Program for you to work towards achieving – Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each level has specific requirements and involvement in various roles associated with the surf lifesaving components of Lifesaving, Training and Surf Sports.

To achieve the various levels: - Bronze: A minimum of 60 hours in total and must include at least four hours across each of the program’s components: Lifesaving, Surf Sports and Training. - Silver: After attaining bronze level. A minimum of 80 hours in total and must include at least six hours across each of the program’s components. Gold: After attaining bronze and silver levels. A minimum of 90 hours in total and must include at least eight hours across each of the program’s components. Gold, represents the highest level of achievement within the program and may take two years or more to achieve.

We will be offering YLP / Pathway information sessions at the start of the season and during the season to give the Youth and Parents the opportunity to learn more about what is on offer. These sessions will be published on the Youth Development Facebook Page and Newsletter.


Youth Pathways Course Calendar

SLSWA Youth Program Pathways Book 

TOAD and Rise-Up Camp Information


Sunday Youth Sessions

8.15am – 11.00am

The youth Sunday Sessions are the chance for all youth / all age groups to get together and participate in team, skills, and fun activities.

Throughout the season the Sunday sessions will also feature “Have-A-Go” days (dependent on coaches, weather, beach and craft availability) on Ski’s, IRB’s, Surf Boats. Providing you with the opportunity to try the other surf sport options available to you.


Your typical Sunday Session

8.15am: Meet @ Youth Flag on Sorrento Main Beach and Sign-In with Age Managers & Briefing on days Activities.

8.30am: Club Swim (varied courses and distances depending upon conditions). All Youth are encouraged to participate. This club swim is open to Seniors, Masters and Older Juniors.

9.00am: Post swim team activity & warm up, emphasis on team and leadership.

9.20am: Skills & Rescue Session eg., tube rescues, board rescues, carrys and relays. Involving leadership and working together as teams.

10.00am: Activities and games sessions held over two arena’s: Beach & Surf.

10.45am: Finish and gear wash down, pack away.

** Sunday sessions are about inclusion, fitness, teamwork and having fun. By challenging yourself it will make you a more competent and confident lifesaver.