189 West Coast Drive,
Sorrento WA 6020


Directors Name  
President Ron Morris  
Financial Director Jill Purcell
Club Services Director Peter Watkins  
Junior Director Keiron Burke
Lifesaving Director Laurie Mott
Competition Director Adrian Kirkpatrick
Club Development Director Chris Crowley
Business & Marketing Director Michael Saunders


Business and Marketing Name Email
Administration Manager

Projects/Grants Officer

Bookkeeper Peta Watkins accounts@sorrentoslsc.org.au
Catering Supervisor (Bar and Functions) Holly Beggs barmanager@sorrentoslsc.org.au
Uniform Shop Kaci Mazzini uniformshop@sorrentoslsc.org.au


Lifesaving Name Email
IRB Officer Aran Buckley admin@sorrentoslsc.org.au
Patrol Officer Leif Hinrichsen admin@sorrentoslsc.org.au
First Aid Officer Stephen Thomas admin@sorrentoslsc.org.au
Education Officer Stephen Thomas admin@sorrentoslsc.org.au
Gear and Equipment Officer

Lifesaving Officer

Craig Gamble

Shelley Gardiner




Captains Name Email
Beach Captain John Hackett admin@sorrentoslsc.org.au
Ski Captain Peta WAtkins admin@sorrentoslsc.org.au
R&R Captain Mick Saunders admin@sorrentoslsc.org.au
IRB Captain Aran Buckley admin@sorrentoslsc.org.au
Swim Captain

Board Captain

Drew Corrigan

Matt Rowe



Boat Captain Murray Geneff admin@sorrentoslsc.org.au


Coaches Name Email
Beach Coach Jenny Plint admin@sorrentoslsc.org.au
Ski Coach Les Goodliffe admin@sorrentoslsc.org.au
R&R Coach Darrell O’Donnell admin@sorrentoslsc.org.au
IRB Coach Evan Bunford admin@sorrentoslsc.org.au
Swim Coach

Board Coach

Andrew Ridley

Callan Preiato



Boat Coach Peter Watkins admin@sorrentoslsc.org.au


Competition Name Email
Gym Coordinator Peta Watkins admin@sorrentoslsc.org.au
Officials Coordinator Graham Snook admin@sorrentoslsc.org.au