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Pool lifesaving events combine the skills of stillwater swimming with lifesaving techniques.

There are numerous pool lifesaving events, which can be broken down into four main skills: swimming, swimming with fins, swimming under obstacles, carrying and towing a manikin. Manikin carrying is done both with and without fins.

As these core skills make up most of the events of pool lifesaving this manual will concentrate on them. This section will also provide a brief overview of some of the other skills that are required for certain events. These include: starts, relay changes, picking up the manikin, and putting the tube on the manikin.

An example of some of these skills combined into a pool lifesaving event is the 200m with obstacles.

This event consists of starting the event, swimming under obstacles, and swimming between the obstacles at maximal speed.

Pool Rescue coach: Andrew Ridley (0408 298 725)