Vaikobi Garda Watersports Sunglasses

Vaikobi polarized sunglasses have been designed with a clear mission; to enhance your time out on the water and provide that extra stoke.
The range delivers a balance of performance and design features that easily transfer from the waves to everyday use. Tested by our pro athletes in the harsh Aussie Summer, VIZE+ is made for those who love being outdoors and out on the water... that’s why every pair of Vaikobi sunglasses for women and sunglasses for men are polarized (and always will be!).
Oversized lens and swept-back design ensure maximum eye coverage
Translucent polycarbonate frame with matte highlights
Multi-layer polarized lens with 12% light transmission
Active wrap with large lens area and contoured to sit close to your face. Prevents light entry from the sides
Hydrophobic coating for on-water use


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