Patrolling members are responsible for checking their patrol roster and making arrangements to be available for patrolling on their designated dates or organising substitutes. The patrol roster is located on the web site on the boat shed noticeboard or is on our 'Sorrento SLSC - Patrols'  Facebook page. Members who are not allocated to a patrol should contact the office or

Members not able to make their designated patrols should first notify their Patrol Captain of their unavailability and then arrange a suitable substitute through either the boat shed notice board or through our Facebook page: Sorrento SLSC – Patrols Group.

Members are to ensure they read the Patrol By-Laws and understand their obligations. Members should also read the Standard Operational Procedures (SOP's) which can be located in the First Aid Room.

Members are required to complete their minimum of 24 hours of actual patrol time in order to be eligible for a patrol rebate and club award (and to also have fulfilled their patrol duty as per the by-laws). Members who fall in excess of 8 hours or do not complete a minimum of 16 hours in a season may loose their club privileges.

Patrol Roster 2019/20

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Nomination for Long Service Membership (10 yrs)

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You need to be a financial member to re-qual, as you will not be covered under SLSA insurance and cannot be entered into the Surf Life Saving Database - Surf Guard.

The main awards (Bronze and SRC) need to be requalified each year by 31st December of that year.  Some awards have different requalification periods.  It is each members responsibility for checking (in Surf Guard) which of their awards need requalifying each year.

About your patrol commitment - frequently asked questions

Q: If I get a substitute for my Patrol hours, do I get the hours also?

A: NO. The person who actually patrols gets the hours (who’s feet were on the sand).

Q: What are the benefits of doing my required hours of Patrol?

A: What you get is access to the club via the secure key system, use of the Gym for Bronze holders and above, voucher on your fees for the following season and counts towards possible allocation of ski and board storage. You are also fulfilling the obligation you took on when you signed up for your Bronze.

Q: How many hours do I need to do; I compete and I thought I needed to do 16 hours?

A: To receive the benefits listed above you need to do 24 hours of Patrol during the current season. For competition rights you need to have done a minimum of 16 hours in the calendar year. Previous season hours even though in the same calendar year DO NOT count towards current season Patrol hours.

Q: What happens if I don’t do my hours during the season?

A: Firstly if you compete, you jeopardise your chance of being allowed to enter any competition or receive Club awards. You will also get a letter from the Club asking for an explanation. If you cannot provide an adequate answer, or there are no further opportunities to volunteer extra hours for Club sanctioned events, you will have all privileges cancelled including storage of equipment and of course not be entitled to the fee rebate.

Q: I’m busy at work and can’t do my rostered Patrol

A: If you can’t make your Patrol and you know in advance, use the Substitute List on the Patrol information board to work out an optional date. There are also many opportunities during the year for approved water safety events where Patrol hours will be given as part of your 24 hours commitment. At all times you need to communicate to your Patrol captain if unable to attend.

Q: My circumstances have changed and I cannot Patrol this year.

A: If you cannot perform any Patrol hours, you can apply to the Beach Committee for an exemption in writing. This means you do not lose privileges but do not get the voucher when paying the following years fees.

Q: Are voluntary hours part of my required Patrol hours?

A: If you are doing a substitute for another person on Patrol you will get the hours. Other events such as SO Club supported water safety for Tri Club and the two voluntary patrols at Christmas and Easter will also give you an opportunity to collect hours. The sign on and off requirements still apply.

Q: My kids do nippers on Sunday morning and I am on Patrol. Does this count if I am with the age group?

A: Being on Patrol means you are in correct uniform and providing support for all beach goers under the direction of your Patrol captain. Refer to your Captain as to the best way you can do this during the Sunday morning activities.

Q: I assist with the nippers. Can I get Patrol hours or exemption for doing this?

A: No. Patrol hours are made up as described above; nipper water safety is important during the Sunday morning activities but does not constitute Patrol. Exemption requests for these hours other than from the official Age Manager (one person) will be (most likely) declined.

Q: What are the requirements for Long Service Leave Award?

A: To be awarded the Club Long Service Membership, you must have performed your required Patrol Roster hours (24 hours per season) for a minimum of 10 years not just been a member for 10 years. The application has to be in writing and submitted to the office. Approval is not automatic and is subject to official confirmation of hours patrolled and a review by the Board and Beach Committee.

This should not be confused with SLSA Long service Awards.

Q: I bring my mates to the gym because they are members of another Club, is that ok?

A: NO you can’t. The Gym is for the use of Sorrento SLCS members only who hold a minimum of a Bronze Medallion (or in a Bronze Medallion course at SSLSC) and who are current in their Patrol hours commitment at Sorrento. Don’t be embarrassed when a Club official asks them to leave the premises. Those who have not paid their fees by the end of September are not members and should not be using the Gym.

Q: How do I check when I am due to patrol?

A: There is a roster in the boat shed on the notice board, online (under your own lifesaving account) by which you can check by creating your own account via You can also check the website and our patrolling facebook page.

Remember to do all your allocated patrols to ensure you are eligible for a Rebate next season.