Health & Wellbeing

There are a number of ways people can manage their wellbeing. Below are some tips and helpful resources you can use:

Sorrento Surf Club Peer Support Workers

We have three qualified Peer Support Workers at Sorrento Surf Club. The focus for peer support is on enhancing the psychological wellbeing of Surf Life Saving members. Peer Support Officers can assist when members have been involved in a critical incident that may impact negatively on their health and wellbeing.

Critical Incidents may occur on or off the beach and they have the potential to evoke strong emotional, physical, behavioral, and cognitive responses in those members directly and indirectly involved.

If you would like to have a chat to one of our Peer Support Workers at any stage please email and we can organize a time that suits you.

Peer Support Workers at Sorrento SLSC

  • Garry Bunford
  • Jess Hampton
  • Lisa Thomson

The main goal of volunteering is to help others. But it turns out volunteers also benefit from their charitable activities. Over the years, many studies have shown volunteers experience greater fulfillment, better health, and improved overall well-being.

Methods to look after your mental health and wellbeing

Mental Health Resources

Sorrento SLSC places a big importance on the mental health of our club members. Below is a list of resources that may be useful to you. For any help or if you just need someone to talk to please call Jess Hampton on 08 9448 1431 or if you would rather email, please email